PARTNERSThe project "Co4AIR - Computers, Cognition and Communication in Control: A strategIc paRtnership" is funded through the Erasmus+ Key Action 203 Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education.

Co4AIR is carried by a strategic partnership composed of 7 European institutions involved in Computers, Cognition and Communication (Co3) in control, a field that draws upon computer science, mathematics, telematics, robotics, computer architecture, embedded systems, real-time systems and many others, and a European network (See Partners). This strategic partnership groups highly-qualified researchers involved in the International federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). The project is in perfect line with the vision of the IFAC in the area of Education.

The project ran from September 1st 2018 to August 31st 2021.

A situational analysis has identified two major difficulties in the domain of Co3 in control education: the various gaps between theory and practice and a lack of real case studies in current curricula. Moreover, the research community is fragmented into a large number of sub-communities, some of which enjoying a high level of autonomy.

The Co4AIR objectives are:

  • to investigate the theory-practice gaps in the teaching of Computers, Cognition, and Communication in Control;
  • to develop and test new course content integrating multi-sectorial material;
  • and to design and develop a pedagogical multimedia product and a student contest.

The concrete outputs of the project to meet these objectives are:

  • a Skills Matrix: a tool used to compare the required competencies for a student and to design course content,
  • a Serious Game: a pedagogical multimedia tool with high educational potential implementing learning-by-mistake methods
  • a Co4-Marathon: an event which challenges student teams to design, build, and test efficient solution for current, real-life, human-in-the-loop Co3 in control problems.

The consortium shared their lessons-learned on each output and their project management in a dedicated paper. Moreover, several publications about challenges of Co3 in control were published during the project lifetime by participants. All documents are available in publications.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 crisis, our two summer schools were cancelled.

Our initial idea was to organize summer schools as testing activities for Co4AIR serious game and Co4-Marathon.

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