Co4AIR consortium met in Faro (Portugal) in October 2019!

Co4AIR consortium met in Faro (Portugal) in October 2019!

The fourth meeting of the project was organised in Faro, Portugal on the 31st October 2019.

The meeting was hosted by the director for international relations and the Vice-Rector for Research an Internationalisation of the University of Algarve. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress regarding the intellectual outputs, main events and management issues of the project.

Discussions primarily centred around the status report of the Skill Matrix and the introduction of Industrial Advisory Board concept.

Jimmy Lauber from the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (project leader) introduced the status of the Skill Matrix which is the most important “basic element” of this project. The Matrix is a tool to document and compare required skills and competencies of students who study Computer, Cognition and Communication (Co3) in Control, therefore support bridging the gaps between the current educational practices and the needs of industrial stakeholders (i.e. the labour market). The basics of the matrix are ready as of October, however further details have to be discussed about the details of the "skills at entrance" and "skills at exit" scheme.

Apart from the Matrix, Mr Lauber also introduced the concept of the Industrial Advisory Board. The aim of the Board is to bring together experts from different companies who evaluate the project’s intellectual outputs from the industry’s point of view. As such, this body would provide crucial insights into the current needs of the labour market related to Co3 in Control.

The meeting ended with a culinary cultural programme hosted by University of Algarve.

The upcoming project meeting will be held in Cluj-Napoca in May 2020.


Co4AIR consortium met in Faro (Portugal) in October 2019!